How do I manually extrude?

We just relieved a Taz 6 at our school. A large ABS print became dislodged and clogged and spattered the extruder. How do I manually extrude filament just to clean/ test it? This is our first LB and the rest of printers are maker bots. The LB is cool, but the cura software is not exactly intuitive:(

Reach out to our support team! Ordinarily they’re in 24/7, but will be out this Monday, January 1. Reach us at Include some pictures as well if you can. We’ll have you printing soon, once we’re able to see what you’re looking at. Ordinarily you can clean off your hot end when warm, but for safety’s (and your hot end’s)-sake, drop us a message first.

Also, when at printing temperature, simply turn the large gear by hand to manually extrude filament. You can do this in the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition as well, under “New Control Panel”: