How do I print details smaller than 1mm on the Taz 5?

Hi folks, sorry if this is a noob question. I just got a Taz 5 a couple weeks ago, and one of the projects I tried was replacing a missing battery door. There’s a notch to hold it straight, and my for initial print I made the notch about 1x1x4 mm in OpenSCAD. That printed more or less fine, but it was a little too big to actually fit.

So I went back and tried 0.5x1x4mm but then the notch didn’t print at all, just a flat surface where I was expecting it. I tried bumping it to 0.9mm and it still didn’t seem to print.

The notch appears when I open the STL file in Cura Lulzbot Edition, and also in the preview on my AstroBox, but just doesn’t seem to print no matter what I try.

Is this a physical limitation of the printer, or am I just doing something wrong? I can upload the files if anyone would like.

That’s a common problem with most slicers available. The only slicer i know that handles small details with perfection is the latest development version of Slic3r. But you have to compile it yourself. .

If you’re using Cura, then you need to set the shell thickness equal to or smaller than the thinnest wall in your print.