How do I reinstall the COM drivers with a clean install?

Hello. I have a AO-101 that’s been running fine until recently. The issue I’m having is that it will stop printing at a random time, sometimes a min or two into the print, sometimes further in. It will just hang, and when I try to send new commands it will say the printer is still printing (on pronterface). I am unable to disconnect, and I have to close pronterface (which crashes), and unplug/replug the USB cable.

I’ve been trying to debug this for a while, and I found that the printer works fine on my other computer (a laptop) where I have not updated anything in a few years. This leads me to believe that it’s my USB port or the driver on it.

I have tried right clicking the driver in device manager, and clicking uninstall, and then re-installing the AO-101 Rambo driver. However, this has not fixed my issue. I have also tried the most recent pronterface and the issue still happens.

Also, sometimes, while warming up the base plate, the printer will get a serial disconnect message, which kinda further points to some sort of serial driver problem.

Is there a way to clean install the driver? Maybe something is conflicting since I have used multiple USB->serial devices (like for XBees or just the FTDI chip for a uC) and I think I installed the FTDI thing a few times.

I’m running windows 8.1 by the way.

Install gentoo

But really I’ve had this same issues a couple times, where it would be connected then just randomly disconnect and it ended up being related to a power supply issue, specifically I had a loose screw on one of the +12V leads coming in on the 6 pin into the RAMBo.

You don’t even have to take anything apart, just feel if those connectors are hot.

brilliant! this may very well be what I was looking for! I’ll feel around in there and see if this is it. I JUST posted about a very similar issue, I hope this solves it. thanks!