Can't Connect - Mini 2

Trying to get started and new to 3D Printing and not impressed so far

Can’t connect to the printer - have Mini 2 Selected under Settings
If unplug USB cable says no device

With USB connected
USB Printing
USB Device Available

Clicking on “Connect”
Scanning available serial ports for printers

Just keeps on scanning ports and never connects

How do i fix this??? - using Win 10

Are there any guides to trouble shooting?


LulzBot support is available 24/7 by phone or email. I’d suggest you start a conversation with them.

Ok you don’t say it, but I am assuming you are running Cura LE and have the mini2 usb cable plugged into the computer it is running on. The suggestion to contact lulzbot support is a good one.

Just curious what the problem might be, cause I have a mini2 and it has been flawless.


Yes the USB cable is connected

Did call Lulzbot support and stumped them other than we decided it was a driver issue

I had copied the rAMBO file onto my machine after looking at the online stuff here - was talking to a friend and he suggested copying the rAMBO file to a system folder - but in clicking around found that right clicking on rAMBO had an install option that did not seem to math the guide here and low and behold the file was installed!!

Still would not talk however

The printer was showing up on I think on the console or device manager

Another chat with support - Cura was not able to find the proper port - so told Cura to look at a specific port and things got better

Then there was the battle to get the stub of the filament out of the print head - I got ahead of support and pressed the wrong button and buried the filament in the head - much grunting on my part scared the support tech who was afraid I was going to topple over - so after much trying the support guy gae me a bit of a list of tips and I turned the printer off and did otherr things until the next day and finally got the filament fixed

so am able to print now


Cool glad you got it fixed.

As a tip, I never try to get the filament back out, I cut it off at the top, heat up the nozzle, then extrude the old filament using the pointy tool they give you to push it all the way down, and then add the new filament to push out the old.



Thanks for the tip on the filament - will give it a try