Upgrade from 1.1b to Mini-Rambo 1.3a Problems

The Lulzbot Mini 1 I use lost the ability to level. It had continuity between the nozzle and the power supply, and the washers and power supply, but the board wouldn’t see them touching during the leveling ceremony.

I got a new Rambo 1.3a from the store. I followed the instructions and the numerous pictures I took when I unhooked the original.

The printer now has a few problems that I can’t figure out:

  1. The USB connection works with my OctoPrint Server, and old Dell PowerEdge T110 that runs a bunch of printers. It does not work with my desktop, it uses COM4 at 250000, which is the proper COM.

< [23:31:30] Attempting to connect to None
< [23:31:30] Trying to detect 3D printer on COM4.
< [23:31:30] Attempting to connect to printer with serial COM4 on baud rate 250000
< [23:31:45] Can’t connect to printer on COM4
< [23:31:45] Closing the USB printer connection.
< [23:31:45] PrinterConnection.close: cannot join current thread (expected)

  1. When connected through OctoPrint, which worked very well before the board change, every axis is reversed when manually controlling the printer. I don’t expect help with OctoPrint, it’s just the only way that I could use to connect to the printer. Cura-Lulzbot doesn’t work well on that Ubuntu install so I can’t test it there.

  2. The case fan doesn’t start and there’s no voltage out of FAN2 when the printer is on.

Has anyone else had similar problems and have steps to resolve them?


Regarding #1, have you been able to connect to this new board to flash the firmware, or have you not got to that point yet? Can you try connecting at 115200 baud?
On Ubuntu, Printrun might be helpful for diagnosing issues.
Regarding #3, IIRC, that was a firmware change at some point. It’s possible it won’t turn on until you heat up the nozzle or bed.

Hi, Microsoft updated my windows 10 and the rear USB ports stopped working. I was able to reinstall windows and got C-L to update the firmware. I did notice that the box fan came on once a print was started. Thanks for following up I really appreciate it!

P.S. I’m keeping the old beast running, I had to machine a new hotend. The best printer I’ve ever had.

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Did you figure this out then?

I am assuming you needed to flash the lulzbot firmware on the new Rambo mini. 115200 baud is the baud rate you need set in cura.

As for cura on ubuntu I still prefer the old cura. Less bloated.