How do I replace this broken part on my TAZ3?

So I have been having a PILE of issues with my TAZ3 over the last few weeks. One clog after another with things overheating, error codes showing up, etc. etc. I think I finally found my issue. The 3D printed part that swivles and holds the tensioners and springs in place is cracked along the bolt. When I went to remove it I discovered that the backside had completly broken off. Also, when I went to remove it the nut just stripped out the plastic insert that is supposed to lock it in place. I have been having a lot of issues getting the tensioners to stay tight consistently. They kept working their way out during a print. I finally ziptied them together and that helped but the issue started up again. Every time it does this the tension becomes too loose and it starts stripping the filament and eventually jamming up. Now that I can see it is cracked on one side and broken all the way through on the other I am pretty sure I know one of the primary reasons for my issues. How do I get this little part? My Makerbot can only print in PLA and that wont work since that area gets too hot and the PLA will just soften and warp during the print. There is a $25 kit that replaces all of the plastic parts on the platform but I really only need this one part. The kit is also out of stock. At this point the 3 items I need: .7mm nozzle, PTFE tube, and “Greg’s Wade Reloaded” kit are all out of stock. The kit is out in every color option. I need these parts ASAP!! My little home business is dying with all these issues and needed parts. Can someone print this part in ABS for me? Here’s the pics. I think the SD card that came with our TAZ printers has this part on there.

What I would do if I were you is get some Plastruct Plastic weld cement ( and glue that split closed. I’d then run a temporary longer bolt from the outside of the extruder idler arm there, and put the nut on the outside. That should get you up and running operationally long enough to print your own replacement idler arm.

before I saw your last post about “Plastruct” I had already tried my own quick fix. I actually soaked the two broken pieces in some acetone and then quickly stuck them together; basically gluing them. Once the acetone had dried and the plastic had rehardened I then brushed acetone all over the broken junction on both sides. I let it dry and then did it again a couple more times. The part is nice and shinny now and seems quite rigid. I’m in the process of routing the wires for my new fan upgrade and will then install my repaired part. Hopefully it will hold long enough for me to get a proper replacement. I will post again in a few hours once I get the machine all back together and printing again.

The print has been going for 3.5 hours now and the “acetone” repair is holding up. Hopefully it will continue to hold up. I do have a new but unrelated question. Where do I install the fan plug. I bolted it on and ran all the wiring through the existing harness and up to the motherboard but I don’t know which plug it goes into. There are 3 open sockets it fits in. Does it go in the left, right, or middle one?

Fan 0. Take a look at the instructions here:

awesome! Thank you

If you’re looking for the STL files to print your own replacement look here:

I believe the part you need is called jonaskuehling_gregs-wade-ao-v3-washer_idler.stl

I’d print one just to have it on hand in case your fix breaks and you find yourself without a working extruder.

You guys are awesome! That will go on the printer tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Mine cracked too. repaired it with epoxy long enough to get one printer out. I now keep a couple spairs as well as a couple small extruder gears which I have also had to replace.