Worth repairing?

I’ve just had a Taz 4 delivered. I purchased it second hand.
Due to the packaging the printer has arrived smashed.
All the corner brackets have snapped so the frame is in two pieces.
Is there any other damage I should be looking for?
Are the parts available to repair this? I couldn’t see them in the store.
I need to decide whether to try and repair it or send it back to the seller.

The parts are available, https://itworks3d.com/product/taz-6-corner-bracket-v2-0/

You will need 7 ot do a full set if you want to swap out to the Taz 6 metal style ones, or they have new carbon fiber ones. The metal ones are $7 each, and they are stiffer than the acrylic ones which helps with frame stability.

They also have the extrusions there if any of those are damaged. Allignment is going to be the other big issue. You can see the allignment and build process here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/a16b1f2d-5c1f-47fe-a83d-9d68cca5d62c/ (the Taz 5 build process pictures show more of the frame allignment steps. they also have the 4 pictures there)

If you got a good enough deal, and the seller is willing to pay for the replacement parts, and the leadscrews and bearing rods appear intact, it may be worth keeping and rebuilding.

Thanks for the reply.
The seller has now agreed to pay for the parts.
I have glued the broken parts together temporarily and put the frame back together. Everything looks straight and square.
I have had to order a new thermistor as I’m getting an error message.

I’ve managed to get it to print but I’m having another problem.
After the initial layer or two the print head seems to rub slightly across the printed piece as it prints. Not enough to knock the piece loose but it gives a really rough look.
The bed is level the gap is OK between nozzle and bed.
I have also calibrated the esteps and it seems OK.
I’ve set the filament size in the slicer. I’ve tried Cura and Simplify3d.
Any ideas?


Measure a single layer print and compare it against what you have as your starting layer height setting. What you are describing is definitely over extrusion, the only thing you didn’t mention checking is the starting layer. If that isn’t it, then something you already checked is not correct.

Thanks for the help.
I will measure it.
I will also go back over everything else and double check.

I went over everything again. It all came up OK.
I decided to let it carry on and print a calibration cube.
Should have been 20mm tall but came out about 7mm tall.
Traced it to the z axis.
It all. Seemed to work smoothly when controlling it from the lcd screen.
I took about apart the threaded rods and the smooth rods and released the mounts for them.
Put it all back together and it seems to be fine now.
Thanks for the help