Firmware on Taz 5 not updating through Cura

I have ended up with a Taz 5 printer and am having a few issues with it. I saw that the latest Firmware on it is I got the notification that it needs an update on Cura and followed the steps to update it properly. It shows the loading bar for the update and completes it and then goes away. When I go to check that it is updated it shows that the firmware is still Is there something I am doing wrong? Are there no longer updates for the Taz 5? Or do I need to do a manual update and if so, how do I do that? The most recent firmware I can find for the Taz 5 was posted on Lulzbot’s site from 2015/

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Depending on the version of software that you are using, there was a bug where the TAZ 5 stated there was an updated version, but still only installed

This was resolved through the experimental version of Cura 3.6.38 and in the beta version of Cura 4.13. is the newest version of firmware for the TAZ 5 and the update notification and the firmware version at the bottom of the firmware update window was incorrect.

Ah, I see. Thank you!

I’m having a similar issue but when I upgraded the firmware it erased my auto leveler and I no longer have a Z offset. Any idea how to get it back? At this point my print head is a couple cm’s above the print bed so can’t print anything