How do you Level Taz 6 Bed?

Good day, if you visually detect that your Taz 6 print bed is not exactly level on a corner how do you manually adjust the bed?

Your frame has moved. You need to adjust it.

  1. The Taz 6 doesn’t measure the bed, it measures to the bed washers. First step is to make sure they are parallel to the bed, by measuring with a straight edge straight across and diagonal.
  2. After 1, make sure the X axis is adjusted manually, (power off, turn leadscrew with fingers) as the Taz 6 doesn’t adjust this, and the levelling algorithm failed on mine to compensate.
  3. Next, run your pre print calibration, note low corners, and print a shim for these corners.

I haven’t updated my firmware in 2 years, as I don’t use Cura and have heard too many horror stories. I have been printing with Simplify3D.

Wish I hadn’t updated my unit it used to work perfect. Is there an actual help file on what you are mentioning above that shows images of the process? Thank you

No, it is just processes you do in order.

Point 1 could be affected by the corner bed screws not being tightened equally on the levelling washers. Go round the bed and check all 4.
Point 2 can be affected by thick or dried grease putting too much friction on the Z plane leadscrews, or someone turning one lead screw a bit while the power is off. The Taz6 doesn’t correct that, you need to do it yourself by watching the readouts from the probing sequence at the start of the print, turning printer off, moving 1 lead screw a bit, see if the Z error goes down, repeat as necessary.
Point 3 is last, if the bed is a bit saddle shaped after adjusting the Z leadscrews, then print a shim for the low corner to raise the low spot. This shim goes under the rubber moulding supporting the printed, and will probably be under 1mm thick.