Taz 6 Bed leveling chaotic

Good afternoon

I’ve set up a TAZ6 printer and almost never get the self-leveling on all four corners properly. The first corner always do well, but the other three fail arbitrarily. Sometimes it makes the quick touch but it does not make the slow one, or it does not make the fast one but it tries to do the slow one from a lot of height and it goes to the next corner without getting to touch. From time to time the printer makes the complete sequence and prints correctly. What can happen?

Here an example: https://youtu.be/3w6AHGHrM6o

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Your X axis is too far out of level. check the distance from the Z leadscrew nut down to the top of the lower leadscrew bearing. i’ll think you will find it is different on both sides and it needs to be identical. power the machine off, unplug the motor and manually turn the one that is higher until the height is the same, plug it back in, then try again.

Also those washers on the bed look odd. Are you certain they are electrically conductive?

Thanks for answering.

There was less than a millimeter of difference. After correcting it works better, but still fails sometimes.
The washers on the bed are made of brass.


are you sure they are bare metal though? brass washers often come lacquer coated to prevent corrosion.

Is the bed level front to back? It looked like the back of the bed is significantly lower than the front.