How to adjust Z-Axis offset in Cura?

Hi, kinda new to printing. Our school has a TAZ 6 with a dual extruder and it seems that the height of the extruder is a bit too low while printing resulting in some very poor quality prints. I have read that there used to be a setting for the Zaxis offset in Cura, but they took it out for some reason. I am not experienced in gcode yet so I am not sure how to manually adjust this. Does anybody have any tips?


Z-offset should still be there. I believe it’s in the Machine settings. Which version of Cura?

I am not at my machine at the moment, but I want to say it is 20.01 for the version. I could not find anything z-axis related in any of the settings.

I downloaded the Windows version from here:

Machine menu at the top, Machine Settings. Z-offset is in the middle of the first column.

This is what I have.

It doesn’t show up in cura for the T6. You can adjust it through the T6 control panel. Configuration->Advanced Settings->Z-Offset. After you set it, you can permanently store it by backing out of the menu and clicking on save.

Ah, ok. Thank you very much.

Hello bpenning,

As pdx steve said you can do the z offset through the lcd display on the Taz6. Please note that the more negative the number is, the closer to the heat bed the nozzle will be. So make that number closer to 0 and it will move the nozzle away from the PEI. Also just for knowledge sake. if you open Cura and open a control window. You can enter M851 in the gcode bar and hit enter. It will give you a response of the Z offset. To change it through Cura, you will do a M851Z-1.35 enter to move the nozzle to a -1.35 Z offset. Always follow up with an M500 to store the command or it will revert back to the last setting.
Please make small changes when you move your offset, so that you can dial in where you wish the nozzle to PEI distance, to be set.

Hope this helps.

I think there needs to be a little more explanation to this method. When I get the nozzles manually adjusted to the proper height above the plate, do I need to switch my Z-offset number to 0, then save settings?

I have been researching this topic for the past 2 days now, and I have yet to see a simple straightforward method of setting the z-offset…you know, for us noob idiots? I need my hand held when I cross the street…that kind of simplistic detail. Hell, I’ll take downright sarcasm during my walkthrough if i knew I could get the desired results!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Taz6 will automatically set the zero when it touches the home sensor in the back. All you will be doing is setting your initial layer height through the Z offset and then storing the setting so that it will retain it.

If you would like to talk to tech support, so that they can walk you through that, please call the tech support line at 970-377-1111 (2)

We are always willing to help!