Cannot Adjust Z Offset After Installing Dual Extruder V3

Hi, everybody! I just installed the Dual Extruder V3 (had a V2 previously) and now I’m having issues setting the Z offset. When I try to set it in hardware nothing really happens, no matter what I set the offset too. I don’t hear the stepper motors moving like I used to, and no changes I can feel when using a feeler (actually it rams the nozzles into the bed if I’m not careful.) I had to resort to setting the Z offset in software with simplify3d before I start a print. Is there something I’m missing?

When you say you are trying to set it through the hardware do you mean through your LCD screen? If so, are you making sure to save the new settings after making the adjustment?

Hi Galadriel…yes, and yes.

Please post the resolution to this when it’s finally found. I keep messing with mine but I’m unsure if it’s actually doing anything. I don’t hear stepper changes when I change my zoffset. It’s working alright, but I am certain I am a bit off.

For the temporary fix, I moved my v3 over the center of the bed, then used the software to lower z height until the paper test worked, then I changed the z offset by that much. But as I don’t even regularly use the same paper thickness, I’m certainly off and I’ve had trouble with first layer on a few prints.

On my other printer, I used the M212 to adjust the offset from the sensor probe… not sure if its enabled in the LB Marlin FW.

If you haven’t already I would try adjusting the offset through Curas console to see if that allows it to be over written. To do this all you will need to do is open the console window in Cura and enter the commands below to find current offset and adjust it.
M851 -> Reports current Z offset in mm

M851 ZXXX -> Changes offset to XXX in mm

M500 -> Saves settings

Here is an example: If your M851 is -1.35 and you want to move the nozzle away from the bed, Then make the number closer to 0. Make a M851 Z-1.25 enter This will move the the nozzle .1 farther from the bed. Then do M500 enter to store the change, or it will go back to the previous setting.

I thought the v3 Dual Extruder didn’t need to have it’s Z offset set. This is in their literature on it in their online store. “The Dual Extruder v3 does not require nozzle leveling or offset calibration”

“Z-offset” is different than offset calibration. “Z-offset” refers to the correction of the distance between both nozzles and the bed when Z is set to zero. “Offset calibration” refers to the relative position of one nozzle to the other. “Nozzle leveling” refers to making sure that both nozzles are at the same height above the bed.

The manufacturing tolerances on the Dual Extruder V3 are supposed to be tight enough that the nozzles are level and at the same position relative to each other on every toolhead made.

Thanks for the clarification on those definitions!

So I called support (great guys, by the way) and from our conversation it sounds like it’s all done in software now. The offset actually adjusts as the printer spools up to print. They actually suggested I could confirm by using the M851 command in software as well. It took a bit of tinkering after that but I managed to get a decent first layer.