I put a tape on the heat bed.

I put a tape on the heat bed.
I would like to raise the nozzle by its thickness.
Where should I change CURA(ver.2.6.66)?

There is no way to add a z-offset to the gcode in Cura 2.6.xx (legacy Cura 21 did have that feature, but it was omitted when Cura2 was developed).

Lulzbot is working on the ability to change the printer’s firmware Z-offset from the Cura2 interface, but it isn’t implemented yet. If your printer has an LCD interface, you can change the Z-offset there. On printers without an LCD interface, you will currently need to use the M851 command from the “console” window of Cura (this works on printers with an LCD, too).

Connect to the printer, open the console window, and send an M851 command. The printer will respond with it’s current Z-offset. Smaller (more negative) numbers are closer to the bed, larger (less negative) numbers are further from the bed. For example, if M851 responds with -1.38 and your tape is 0.2 thick, you would want the new z-offset to be -1.18. You could set that by sending “M851 Z-1.18” (without the quotes) from the console window.

After sending the M851 command with your new Z-offset, send the command M500 to save it in memory; otherwise it will be lost at next power cycle / re-connection. You may also have to re-enter your z-offset when upgrading firmware, as some firmware upgrades revert all custom settings to firmware defaults.

Thank you!!