Z offset adjustment in Cura 2.6.52 ??

Where is the Z offset adjustment in Lulzbot Cura 2.6.52? I just downloaded this and wanted to pay with things a bit.

In Cura 21.08 it was found under “Machine->Machine Settings”. You could tweak the z-offset without having to enter G-codes (I do this rarely enough that I never remember the g-code sequence). Is this ability gone in 2.6.52?

I can’t find it either. The Gcode is M851. Issued alone, it will report current Z-offset. Issued with an offset, like “M851 Z-1.40”, will set the offset in active memory. M500 will save to EEPROM.

Scott - I haven’t poked around in this much yet. I assume you found where you can change the wipe temperature under the print settings cube in the upper right (then select “custom” toggle and “material”).

I think I read somewhere in my skimming over materials that you can change the default in the included profiles, so maybe you need to duplicate a profile then save changes to that duplicate?

I did. What isn’t clear (to me) from the GUI is which settings under the main window’s “Print Setup, Material” follow the machine and which follow only the material and which are a combination of both… And yes, there seem to be “protected” profiles so duplicating is probably needed to start saving tweaks.

The material/profile management looks well-designed and really powerful – but it’s going to take some poking around to understand it!

Hello John Mc,

Unfortunately, changing the Z-Off set is no longer within the machine settings in Cura 2.6.52. As mentioned, this can be found by using the M851 command.

You are correct in that filament profiles are protected, but you can always create your own to save the tweaks that have made.

John - I searched through some of the GIT issues and commit activity for Cura 2.7-3.0 (the Lulzbot release is presumably based on 2.6, so this is “future stuff” for it). I found a couple of discussions regarding z-offset. My conclusion from what I read was that:
(1) At some point, 2.7 perhaps, an initial layer Z-offset feature was added;
(2) As of 3.0, it wasn’t working (perhaps never worked in 2.7?);
(3) After some discussion, it was decided to remove the feature rather than fix it; and
(4) There is an open request to add “first layer flow %”, so that a flow >100% can be specified to help with first layer adhesion.

At least that was my conclusion from the discussion – there could be other feature requests / pull requests that I didn’t find in my search, so that may not be the whole story. But my takeaway is that there won’t be a “z-offset” coming anytime soon, rather there will eventually be a feature to increase flow on first layer instead.

For now, it seems the only way to address it is with G-Codes.

I found this answer in stack exchange:

For Cura 3.1(?)+:
Install the plugin: Menu / Plugins / Browse Plugins… / scroll to “Z Offset plugin” <-- Install

Configure the setting: Printer Profile / Print Setup / Build Plate Adhesion / Z Offset

set positive value for nozzle liftup
set negative value to bring nozzle lower for first layer (like -0.1 for your wanted scenario)

Src: https://3dprinting.stackexchange.com/questions/4745/cura-set-z-offset

I’m going to test this out and see how it goes.