How to calibrate moto steps on Taz6?

I printed a calibration cube ( and while the scaling has been helpful it is not a permanent solution. So I wanna know how to calibrate the steps per mm on the Taz 6

If you are talking about the x, y and z steps / mm then I did mine a similar way you do the extruder. For the x I move it a little to the right of the left endstop and place a piece of tape on the top linear rod, then command the x to the right 100mm front the display and take a measurement. Follow the same type of formula used for calibrating e-steps… Current steps / mm for that axis * 100 and then divide by the actual distance moved and that will give you the corrected steps / mm. Do the same for y and z. For the extruder it’s easier to measure 120mm of filament from the end of the lever you latch down that the filament goes through the notch…be sure the extruder is heated up to the high temperature range of the filament you have in it so it’s more fluid, then extrude 100mm of filament. Then you measure the distance from the latch to the sharpie mark on the filament to figure out how much was actually extruded.

So, if you have 15mm distance from the latch to the sharpie mark that means it extruded 105mm of filament so your formula would be current e-steps * 100 and then divide by 105 to give the new value.

Once you figure all the values out you can adjust them through the display on the taz. Be sure to save them after you enter them.

I hope this helps.