Calibration Cube Taz6

Printed the calibration cube of Thingiverse:

From 20x20x20 mm
I got

X = 19.90
Y = 20.15
Z = 19.80

How do I proced to take these values closer to 20mm?

You adjust the steps/mm, but for that small variance I wouldnt worry. 3d printing isnt going to get an exact measurement due to material shrinkage and such.

In Cura or Setting on the Lulzbot?

I wanna get as close as I can, as I’ve seen many examples prints on the Lulzbot, Ender and Prusa.

The easiest way is going to be with Cura. Use the scale option and un-check Uniform Scaling.

Then do some cross multiplying to find our desired X Y and Y percentages values. In this case with your measurements that comes out to:
X 100.50%
Y 99.26%
Z 101.01%

You’ll take your desired value (20) and multiply that by 100 (for 100 percent), then you’ll divide by your measured value(X,Y,Z) to get your adjusted percentage.

@zachah Worked great!
NOTE: if you do the test, be sure to rotate the model to match x and y axis. had problems for that.

  1. Is there a way to make it permanent? on the setting for any imported STL?
  2. What was the other not simpler way?

I’m not aware of a way to have Cura automatically do this when importing an stl.

The less simple way would be to adjust your X,Y, and Z steps/mm. The issue with this is that it can affect your auto-leveling if adjusted too much since the corner positions are more or less hard coded into the firmware.