How to calibrate the Motors on the Lulzbot mini

So I screwed up big time. My raspberri pi camera got caught in between one side of the gantry and the roof of the metal enclosure. It ended up pushing the left side of the gantry about an inch lower than the right side. Below is a picture. How can I fix this?

With the machine off, manually twist the lead screw so that both are level.

I would also add it would be best to hold on to the opposite lead screw while you turn the other to prevent back EMF from causing it to move as well.

Here are the formal instructions for that. OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions (

And no mention of back EMF which will definitely move both motors when one is turned by itself.

They’re generally good instructions, but they assume that the print surface is parallel to the frame, which sometimes it is not, which is why I prefer using an object resting on the bed that you lower the gantry down to, and swap it between the left and right sides a few times to get the gantry in line with the bed, not the top of the frame.

Thanks! It worked great!