How to Clean Extruder after Fail

I started a big job (about 175 g) and when I came back in this was the mess surrounding the print head. I removed the extruder head and the big gob is not coming off easily. I called support since the printer is under warranty, and they suggested sending the head in.

Any suggestions for me to try before sending it back?

heat to 200 if pla 230 if abs, and slowly peel it off, should be fine. Keep a close eye on it and be careful as you do it.

Hello profhuster,

Like jballard said. Just heat the hot end to operating temperature. Then you can pull the filament of the hot end. Then you will want to clean up the hot end with a piece of “Scotch Brite” pad. It is non conductive and will clean up the residual filament that will be stuck to the hot end. Please don’t use anything metal, so you don’t damage the RAMBo. Scotch Brite works well and then you can make sure that the hot end will properly extrude filament once you are done. Test the tool head while it is in the air and make sure that it will extrude filament in a straight line. If the filament tries to curl up, then there will be some blockage in the hot end and you will have to do a few “cold pulls” to clear it up.
Then try another print.
Hope this helps.