How to fix slanted Prints with my Mini


Recently, my Mini started to print different items slanted and I am trying to figure out how to fix this issue.

Please let me know…

You have a loose belt or a loose motor pulley setscrew in the direction of the slant on the bed. If it’s North / south, it’s probably the bed belt, right left, the X axis belt. It may also just be the pulley is loose. In rare cases that can be caused by a broken motor. To fix, examine the belt, and tighten accordingly. A good way to do that is to grip the end of the belt with needlenose pliers just after the mount, roll up as much as you can around the pliers, loosen the belt anchor and then turn the pliers to tension it further, then re-tighten the belt.

Check to make sure the plastic idlers are not cracked on both X and Y axis, they tend to crack with the pressure put on them by the belts. Then start to slip and tightening the belts makes the crack worse if there.

This morning I pulled on the belt twice and printed a keychain to see how the print is adjusting to each tension pull.

Should I pull on the belt more on the both the x-axis and y-axis?

Did tightening the belts help when you printed the key chain? The way you said that you pulled on the belt twice, sounds like you just pulled it with your hand or something. For both the x and y axis you can tighten the belts by loosening the clamp bolts on either the back of the extruder assembly or the bottom of the print bed, then pulling the belt through the clam and re-tightening the bolts. After that’s done the belts should have much less deflection when you push sideways on them.

Yes, I loosen the screw, pulled on the belts for the X-axis and y- axis , afterward tighten the screws. I did that process three times to see how it will print. My third print came out better than the previous ones; however it is now slant on the other side.

Did I pull on one side of the Y-axis screws too much?

I dont’ think tight belts shouldn’t cause those type of issues unless you’ve tightened things so much that you’ve actually broken a part on your machine. Did you re-torque the set screws on the x and y drive motors as recommended by @piercet earlier?

Perhaps if you take a picture or two of prints that are still on the print bed that would be helpful.

If you manually push your bed back and forth, does the belt stay centered on the drive gear? Does the belt rub on anything as you move the bed? Try the same thing for the x axis. Also, wipe down the 8mm rods with a clean cloth just to make sure that there’s no junk on there which might cause binding.

Finally, if nothing looks out of the ordinary with those checks, perhaps there is something wrong with your stepper motor but I don’t know how to test that.

Here are the printed items

When my item is being printed the Y axis makes a semi-loud squeaking sounds. It maybe coming from the Y axis pulley or the motor. I am not sure if adjusting the belt will solve the problem. The pictures I posted show deformation on the Y axis and not on the X axis.