How to repair broken Molex pin?

I have a TAZ 5. I accidentally broke off one of the pins in the toolhead wiring harness. Can anyone tell me whether it can be repaired and if so what I need? Otherwise, how can I get a replacement harness? I live in Spain so some shop in the EU would be best, since it would appear that it’s no longer available in the Lulzbot shop.


Search this forum for “molex” and you should find numerous topics that will include tools, parts, and suggestions.

Be careful, as “Molex” is a generic term for connectors, and won’t help a shop identify the exact parts.

What will help, however, is the bill of materials (BOM) for the Taz 5, which LulzBot provides as part of their open source roots:

You should be able to order those exact pins from a source of your choosing, or if there’s an electronics repair place around, they could probably get you one cheap if you walk in.

Searching “this forum”, will find topics that should refer to the pins used by Lutzbot printers (along with other useful information).

Searching the internet for “molex” will probably not be very useful.

Using the BOM is a good suggestion.

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Here’s a source for the pins. Not sure if they ship overseas.

Thanks for all the replies. One question I have is, how do I get the specifications of the pin that is used? Looking at LulzBot Wiring Harnesses, there are 2 types of pins: 22-24 AWG and 24-30 AWG. Which ones do I need? The BOM for the TAZ 5 lists both.

I assume that if I get them elsewhere there will be other specs such as length and so on.

The sizes on the Lulzbot site refer to the wire end of the connector which can accept different gauges of wiring. That’s it. NOT the connecting side.

So you would need to check the gauge of the wire you’re looking to re-crimp. For connectors, the actual mating parts are the same (I mean in the same model, example JST XH, all of the male/female pins are the same dimensions, you won’t find any different).

The Lulzbot site specifies molex SL series (molex makes tons of different types).
I haven’t been able to find these anywhere else except Digikey.

Might as well get both sizes, but if you want alternative pricing you can check out digikey for molex SL… Sounds like you haven’t done this before, but you will also need a crimp tool, which you will need the right size for, there are so many tools out there and if you don’t get the right size it won’t crimp properly. You should watch YT videos and practice on a bunch of scraps before trying to fix the real thing. I’ve made so many improper crimps it’s not funny, wish I just practiced before hand!

Alternatively you could change the connector types and re-crimp everything.

I ordered some Molex Micro-Fit pins & they appear to be identical to the pins used in the harness on our lulzbot taz6pro here at work, i.e. they are the molex Micro-Fit series part number 43030 for female & 43031 for male crimp terminals.

If in doubt, I would opt to get the crimps that will accept the larger wire size rather than the smaller one as there is some room for overcompression when crimping onto smaller wires but not the other way around so any of the molex micro-fit series pins will fit your lulzbot from what can tell, based on having the harness apart from our taz6 a couple of weeks ago & comparing them to each other. You will need also a micro-fit extraction tool as well, we got ours from amazon. very delicate but precisely critical tool for depinnning these connector plugs.