What kind of pins and crimper is needed to create my own connections in the 20 or so molex at the top of the print head on a Mini1?

I have a Mini1 that the hot end is ruined, and I’m looking to replace a lot and fabricate my own blower, etc. - but to tape into the factory wire harness that sites under the plate which is on top of the print head - what kind of pins and crimper tool do I need? I bought some Dupont style (link here) thinking that was right - but apparently, they A) are not long enough and B) do not have the prong on the back that stops it from pulling back out of the Molex. I’ve seen some pictures of Molex SL male pins, but I cannot find a small order for these and also cannot tell the actual dimensions for ordering - seems like even amazon wants you to buy them in 20K bulk or higher…

The ones I’ve pulled out of the existing wire-harness are about 22mm long - and 15 or 16mm to the locking prong on the back from the insertion point/tip.

Anyone guide me in the proper direction for OCD? :slight_smile:

I know I could pull all new cables and create my own harness, maybe use silicon this time, etc - but hopefully I’m just missing what pin/crimper style and it’s easy to obtain and use…


You can find the entire bill of materials (BOM) for all of Lulzbot’s products on the devel.lulzbot.com site.

Depending on your serial #, you’d be looking for:

LulzBot Mini’s:

*“Azalea” - The first (EVT) batch of prototypes, used to verify the design goals

*“Begonia” - The second (DVT) batch of prototypes, during which most of the design is being flushed out

*“Camellia” - The third (SAT) batch of prototypes, will be the final configuration

*“Daffodil” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The first production batch of 1000 machines

*“Euphorbia” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The second production batch of 3000 machines

*“Foxglove” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The third production batch of 3000 machines

*“Gladiola” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The forth production batch of 3000 machines

So assuming you had a fourth production batch from North America, you would find the bill of materials at: https://devel.lulzbot.com/mini/Gladiola/production_docs/Mini_Gladiola_BOM_OCA_NA.ods

The full assembly instructions, detailing what tools are used are found on the open harward assembly instruction (OHAI) site at OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions (lulzbot.com)

I’m not sure if they actually cover what they crimp with, but for the really fine ones - 22awg or smaller, usually a pair of needle nose pliers is all you need.

Thanks for that great info - I’m not even sure where the SN is on my unit - I have looked before and only found the hand written z offset information. Any ideas or tips there?

I also found this guide which talks about doing the actual replacement of the pins, but doesn’t even mention the TYPE of molex it is… the list of materials is mind boggling and I don’t even know where to start with that information but could dig into deeper if I knew what my machine’s SN is I suppose.

This is a pretty common connector on a lot of my older electronics but for the life of me dupont is the only thing that keeps coming up on amazon and there are very very few electronics stores in my area to browse and find such tinkering parts. I have looked already at the few I know of - so I’m afraid I’m looking to order them online to find the right things…

The connector is the same across the different Mini 1’s as far as I know. I had to buy the parts online from digikey.com

They are molex micro-fit connectors. We were able to easily find female pins but the male pins, good luck :frowning:

You might want to check out IT-Works 3D. They offer a variety of connector pins.