#humblebrag (A display frame)

Yah, I know…this is a complete and utter and unapologetic #humblebrag, but I’ve not had a lot of time in the last 5 months to spare on any other hobbies. It was like having a second full-time job. But, now I’m back fiddling around. Printed a display frame.

There’s .060 PETG sheet encasing the picture and a fitted into the ‘ring’ that holds the picture of the results. I’m getting really good at knowing my printer’s capabilities and guessing at tolerance to fit parts. The “M-dot” part is two PLA parts that the PETG and pictures nests into and I just used solvent to stick them together. The ‘base’ press fit PERFECTLY into the slots I left on the ABS base. I left 1 mm of lateral play and about 1 mm of thickness/depth play. The press fit area is tapered like maybe .5 mm total between the two halves and I left them unglued so they could ‘spread’ if needed. Didn’t even need to use solvent. The press fit is perfect. I did think to fillet the entire part that fits into the base. Usually for something like that I have to make a guess and print a sample portion at least once, usually twice to get a good fit.

It’s really rewarding to have a printer perform so consistently and predictably. Love my Taz 6! Predictability is just awesome.

Looking at printing a model of my factory for my Dad (he started the family business). I’ve always made him a Christmas present out of plastic stuff we make around here. ie…a snowman made from 3 different clear reflectors we make. A wreath from some plastic garland we make. When he built a CNC router for us, I got more elaborate. This year, I’ve got 3 printing at my back.

Plus…it’s almost Pinewood Derby time. I will never make another car out of wood. Just print a shell I can put over a wood block. Last year was a Mustang, it was the only one I could find and had the skills to make work…and I had a cheap printer at the time.

This time, I have more skills and a better printer. Just yesterday I finished corrupting and adjusting a Lamborghini model I found online to fit the right dimensions. It’s what he wanted last time.