Printing replacement parts


I just received a new but ‘used’ TAZ 4.1 with a build/test date of 9-12-14.

As is the peril with buying on auction sites, some of the corner parts that hold the frame together are broken.

Before I send it back for a complete refund, I wondered if I can just get someone local to print the replacement parts for me.
I’ve had a look through the OHAI and the devel sites without much success, so could someone tell me where can I find the files to pass to another printer and are there any specific material requirements I should request?


When I first got my printer, I printed out a bunch of these:

As a Temporary fix, you may be able to get an aluminum brace at the hardware store to hold it together.


Thanks Kenny.

Do you think ABS will be ok? I’ve found a local printer on 3dhubs…

Do you think ABS will be ok

I printed all mine in ABS. It was the first thing I printed on the machine and they all turned out pretty nice!


Great, thanks!

Here’s a replacement frame connector that I designed in CAD. It’s a exact replacement for the Taz 4. If you want to get the frame connector laser cut let me know. I’ll upload the cad file. Here’s the STL file:

You can also find right angle aluminum brackets at your local hardware store. Basically these but aluminum:

Those will work as a bolt on replacement until you can print something else, and are arguably stronger.

edit: yeah, what kenny said.