Hybrid parts.. ABS and NinjaFlex, anybody doing it?

Would love to see a prebuilt, pre-configured Taz 5 with this capability. Hybid material parts can open so many new possibilities!

Do you mean dual extrusion like xrobots or do you mean a blended filament?

dual extrusion like xRobots. Even better, add a 3rd extruder for HIPS… then you can make some really interesting parts with dissolvable supports… although not sure how NinjaFlex would hold up soaked in Limonene?

anybody doing hybrid ABS+NinjaFlex parts here in the states? (northeast preferably) would be willing to outsource some work if you can do it well.

The aspect of dual extrusion I have been struggling with, is how to render gcode effectively to print a thingy with a complex internal shape that I want to be a different material. It seems the only way I have ran across to do that at the moment would be to manually set areas of each layer to Extruder 1 or Extruder 2. Maybe there is something easy that I am missing, or maybe I’m using the wrong methods. But it sure would be nice if I could say “here is object X, with space Y inside. Print everything that is Space Y in ninjaflex”