I designed a E3D V6/Volcano toolhead

Untested, still wiring mine up.


For the smaller stepper motor, let me know what current you end up using. I have problems with mine overheating.

Thanks for posting this, it was great talking to you at MRRF!

It was awesome meeting you and some of the team! Here is a quick video of MRRF I put together:
The Youtube tag on the forums doesn’t work, please fix it. Many more Lulzbot videos to come that I’d like to share!

I haven’t messed with the current yet, although I do run @ 1.5A on my Smoothieboard i3 E3D setup with a pancake. Whatever is stock in the Single Extruder firmware skips/stalls easily. As for overheating, it comes down to if your mounts will melt. I heard most steppers run hot in industrial settings, too hot to touch. YMMV.

Got mine running too…

Nice looking mod, has anyone seen a mount for an aero yet?

I have two Aeros on order and joined the ITWorks3D design group for a nice mount. Join the Lulzbot Taz 6 group on FB:

Theres a facebook group? huh, who knew? Joined yay!

I’m pretty sure you could attach a volcano to this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2169219