I finally got around to finishing the parts for my CNC Mill

Several years ago, i bought a used AO-100 printer for the express purpose of making covers and things for my CNC mill, which is very nearly actually finished and operational now. Several years later, I finally got around to printing the last of those things, of which there are pictures of below.

So if anyone needs a pulley cover or a really big cable chain mount, let me know!


Video of the mill working!!!


Might want to exchange the Bosh Colt for a DeWalt DWP611 or equivalent though. Much less runout, plus compatibility with Think & Tinker precision collets.

Current plan is to put an all up water cooled spindle on it eventually. The non atc ones aren’t bad pricewise, around $300. I kind of want to hold out for a tool change one though, but the cheapest one of those I have seen is $1500.


My X-carve is still sitting in the shipping boxes…

Awesome. If you don’t mind my asking, piercet, what kind of milling jobs are a priority? Metal plate cutting, PCB manufacture, 3D parts, etc?

I’ve always wanted to cut Aluminum plates, plastics and eventually carbon fiber with a water bath, The early driving force of getting this was radio control helicopter part making. These days it will probably be 3d printer parts, RC stuff, robot stuff, and possibly the occasional wooden electric viola for variety. I got interested ion CNC mills back in High school where we had a couple of them on site, I made some Radio control boat engine parts (water cooling head, impeller assembly, etc.) and I was hooked ever since.

That pretty cool! Was this a custom build or a modified prebult? I have been looking at getting one to cut carbon fiber and aluminum sheets for my RC needs. I dont really want to spend more than $1000. Unfortunately all the decent ones are over that.

It’s a Blurry Customs mill http://www.blurrycustoms.com/ , with modifications. I got it a few years back when prices were a bit better, it’s just been an “in the works” project. All the blue plastic pieces came off my Taz, the sideplates of the Z axis column, the bed, and my attempts at swarf guarding are modifications, with a STDR4C http://www.soigeneris.com/stdr_4c-details.aspx control box tied to a USB smoothstepper and a Gecko G540 4 axis controller (currently controlling 3 axis) . The flood coolant thingy is also a modification.

Next steps will be finishing the basin base for the flood coolant system, waterproofing all the cables, and then assembling the upper guards.

I bought this particular mill before Blurry Customs had a few less than quality mills released that hurt their reputation a bit (you can see those threads if you do a search) but this one is very solid, square, and seems to have no problems whatsoever so I can’t say I have any complaints with it.

If you are looking for a RC duty mill under $1,000, you might check out the OX CNC mill

Awesome, great to hear you are getting into machining tough parts!