I think Lulzbot suggests the wrong type of glue stick for printing nylon on PEI

On Lulzbot’s website, when printing with nylon, they recommend to use a “glue stick (such as UHU® brand)”. I had never attempted to print with nylon and I recently ordered some (bridge and alloy 910) when I also ordered a LulzBot Mini Flexystruder Tool Head v2, which came with a standard UHU glue stick. So when printing with the easier of the nylons, bridge nylon, I applied a little bit of this glue stick and my small test print came unstuck pretty fast. I tried sanding my PEI bed, applying way more glue, adjusting settings, etc.–no luck. So I did some research and nylon likes to stick to PVA based glues when printing. UHU glue sticks have very low PVA percentage apparently, so I bought a glue stick with a reportedly much higher PVA (Elmer’s washable glue stick) and my bridge nylon prints stuck perfectly first try. So did my alloy 910, the most tricky nylon to print with I hear.

Just a heads up for anyone struggling to print nylon: regular washable Elmer’s Glue/Glue Stick (school glue) worked MUCH better for me than the brand Lulzbot sells and recommends. Lulzbot should probably change their product description to be more specific on what type of glue stick to use, especially since the one they recommend doesn’t work very well!

Elmer’s Glue/Glue Stick? Elmer’s Disappearing Purple by any chance?

Yeah, I think it’s called School Glue! I read their standard glue is mainly PVA as well, but I was worried about how well it would wash off of the PEI.

Thanks, good to know I have the right stuff.

Have been using Elmer’s Disappearing Purple PVA glue sticks for a while on bare glass surfaces with a Cube 3D printer and Rostock Max. So far, it does not seem to have left any permanent residue, and the product is reported by other 3D printer users to be one of the best. However, I haven’t used it on a PEI surface yet, so please keep us informed!

Washes off really easily so far with water, will report back if I run into any problems.

I have been using Elmer’s Disappearing Purple PVA glue sticks on my TAZ’s PEI bed and have had good good results with Taulman nylon.

I have been using the purple glue sticks for several years now without a problem. Washes off very well so far and I have had no adhesion issues with it so far.

I was having the same problems as CheeseJam, and just tried the Elmer’s instead of the UHU on my Mini using Alloy 910 and it worked liked a dream. Thanks for sharing the tip!


I wish I had found this thread weeks ago. Damn UHU glue is absolutely useless with Nylon. Completely useless. I will now try something with more PVA. I’m in Australia…any suggestions?

I am not familiar with what glues have a good amount of PVA in them and are still washable in Austrailia. Maybe buy some Elmer’s glue online? http://www.amazon.com/Elmers-Jumbo-Glue-Stick-Pack/dp/B00MZ5Q5QG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1454429650&sr=8-3&keywords=elmers+glue+stick

I second that! Uhu did not work for me on any filament. Elmer’s purple school glue stick is the right stuff. It’s also available on Ebay.

I’ve been using an Avery Permanent Glue stick on my PEI bed, but I’ve been printing with t-glase… haven’t tried nylon. Anyway the Avery also works well for getting the t-glase to adhere & release, and i think it is PVA-based.

I WAS trying to clean it up with alcohol wipes (and it was a real pain), but just tried a moist paper towel & it cleaned up very nicely. (thanks!)

Another fan of this helpful post!

I was trying to use UHU to print PCTPE nylon with limited success so I tried some Elmer’s Washable School Glue and got great results. I was printing a long narrow piece (10" x 1".) My first print was with a skirt and it all stayed flat and well stuck to the bed. With that success, I printed a second piece w/o the skirt and it also stayed nice and flat on the bed. Both prints were done with a bed temperature of 100c.
This was printed with the flat side down and even the small posts stayed nicely attached to the bed as they were printed and finally joined to the main part at the top.

Cleans up with water.

Thanks for the great advice!

UHU changed its formulation and wasn’t willing to produce the original version that worked so well at increasing part adhesion. The current recommendation is PVA glue, such as Elmer’s® brand glue stick, either the white or purple version.

Since my original UHU stick ran out recently, I have had good experience with Pritt power glue (have used it with PETG and Ninjaflex). It sticks a bit better, and still easily washes off with water. Applying it slowly results in a thinner layer, than what was possible with the UHU stick.

Just a follow up. I’ve been using Elmer’s purple glue stick with the bed temp off and getting great adhesion.
Ambient temperature of the bed is about 30c.
I have to use very little of the glue stick and it’s nice to not have to wait for he bed to cool to remove a part. :wink:
Cleanup is really easy too - the glue stick comes off the bed very nicely with a wet paper towel. :bulb:
elmer's glue stick.jpg

+1 , I just recently got some bridge nylon to test with. I used a generic off brand washable glue stick and it worked great. It’s probably the same stuff that is found in an Elmer’s brand glue stick.

I just went from the UHU glue to the Elmers Disappearing Purple sticks and what a difference! Lulzbot really should not recommend UHU, it didn’t adhere for nothing.