I'll admit it, I like em small.

Here’s my second attempt at really really small.

This was printed in ABS with a 0.15mm nozzle and a 0.04mm layer height. I printed two at once to help with cooling. The first attempt I made failed due to not enough cooling between layers. The total height of the rook is 1/2", or 12.7mm (197 layers). The two are sitting on top of a dime. I think with a little work, I could get a better result. Note, you can see the double helix through the door of the rook on the left. I don’t think the double helix was successful all the way up, and it’s so small, I can’t tell how well the spiral staircase came out. Still, it’s a small step in the right direction.

The machine is a kittaz upgraded to a Taz 5 and then with two other mods. I added a micrometer stop for adjusting z height, and I converted to a 1.75mm Hexagon hotend.

If I can get the quality improved at this size, I’ll have to start playing around with my 0.10mm nozzle!


I’m impressed! :slight_smile:

I broke out the digital microscope for these photos. I think my fingers give a better feel for how small these prints are.

At a half inch tall, the print starts to fail. I also printed one a 3/4" and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Side view 1/2" tall rook. This one didn’t successfully print the double helix. I can’t find the other one I printed (lost somewhere on my desk)
The other one had a partial print of the double helix. You can just make out the brick detail.

Top view 1/2" tall rook. I would call the spiral staircase a failure. It’s there, but no step detail

Side view 3/4" tall rook. The double helix looks to be printed successfully. and the brick detail is just visible.

Top view 3/4" tall rook. The spiral staircase steps are visible.

Even though it did not work out 100% I think the spiral staircase is way cool!