I'm accumulating spare bits. PM if you need something

I’ve now spent over $100 in little parts needed for my TAZ. I seem to be accumulating boxes of 50 or 100 parts when I only need one or two. Rather than put everyone else through the same mess, I’m going to list what I have. Feel free to PM me if you need something. I’m going to try to list the part number from Aleph Objects as well as what it is used for.

HD-BT0010 - M4 x 20 Bolt, SHCS Black-Oxide

HD-BT0049/HD-MS0055 - M5 x 20 Bolt, SHCS Black_Oxide with thumb screw knob (Thumb screw for Flexystruder)
(McMaster-Carr link: http://www.mcmaster.com/#96016a245/=xjsgjn) (should buy shorter one - maybe 12mm or 16mm)

HD-MS0060 - M5-.8 11mm Heatset Insert (Thumb screw for Flexystruder screws into this)

HD-TB0006 - .25"ODx.125"ID PTFE tube (~2.5") (Used by Flexystruder)
(McMaster-Carr link: http://www.mcmaster.com/#8547k23/=xjs8um)

HD-MS0030 - M3-.5 3.8mm Heatset Insert (Used for mounting fan on extruders)

TL-CS0083 - EMI/RFI-Shield Heat-Shrink Tubing 3/16" ID Before, 3/32" ID After, 48" L, Black (Goes around wiring next to extruder connectors)

PC-RE0007 - Heat Resistor, 4.7 Ohm (Heating resistor for Budaschnozzle)

EL-MS0012 - Wire Ferrules 22-20 AWG (crimp pieces for thermistor)

EL-MS0014 - Noninsulated Wire Ferrule, 16 AWG, .28" Pin Length (crimp pieces for Budaschnozzle heating resistor)

I will update this list over time with any new parts I get or to fill in missing information.

Hi dutchhome!

Thanks for advertising this I will take the crimp ends and heatsets! how many do you have? thanks.

Hi I sent you a PM, hope you still have some of these left!

I’ve now replied to the PM’s. For people who may see this thread in the future, as of now I still have many of the parts left. Feel free to PM me. I don’t check the forums as often as I’d like, but I get an email each time a PM comes in so I should reply relatively quickly (except this past weeked - sorry hescockrl).