Dual & flexy-dualy out of stock

Lulzbot folks - any idea when the TAZ4 dual extruder and flexy-dualy will be back in stock?

If it’ll be a while, I might try to print and build my own, but if the dual extruders are out of stock because of components on back order, it’s the same pickle.


It looks like the hot end and steppers are in stock. The springs are the hard part to find in stock.

If you do go build your own I might be able to make you a hardware kit of the nuts and bolts. Mcmaster doesn’t sell the stuff individually, so I have lots of extras of parts. If you do order the stuff from Mcmaster carr ask that the 4ft filament guide tubing gets coiled in the box, otherwise they send it in a 6ft tube which cost a bit to ship.

Fun - I’ll check on the springs and try to find a second source.
I’d be very happy to buy “vitamins” and whatnot from your excess. Thanks for offering!

In a few days I’ll go searching for the method and tips on the hot-insert threaded bits. Other than those, the build is looking pretty straight forward.

I’m holding out for a hexagon powered dualy. A hexy-flexy-dualy if you will.

Yeah! Any ETA on such a thing?
If I can find a bit of time, I’ll go troll the development threads.

Any ETA on getting these items back in stock? I’m particularly interested in grabbing a flexydually for my TAZ4, along with a polyschnozzle kit when one is developed that is compatible with the Buda 2.0. I’d like to upgrade my printer head for ninjaflex (and similar) material, but I don’t want to buy anything with less than 2 heads.

I discovered yesterday that the 3d doodler will extrude ninjaflex. A steady hand and a 3d doodler is the poor man’s flexy-dualy.

We’re hoping to have them back in stock in the next couple of weeks! Check the store periodically. We’re in the process of building more.

It’s now mid-march and the dual extruders are still out of stock. I just gave up waiting and found a reseller that had one in stock. Is the newer all-metal print head from the Taz 5 causing a delay? Are you by chance re-designing the dually to follow a similar design?

I guess I ask because I’m wondering if for the case of it being upgraded to an all-metal design, would it be possible to upgrade the one I just purchased which is not using the all-metal design? Of course, if you’re not redesigning it, the question is moot :slight_smile:.

All metal is still a ways out. We have had the dual extruders in stock, but they go out of stock quickly… I think they are back now.