I'm new and having trouble with Cura and setting up my 3d printer

I recently got a 3d printer (Mini 2) and decided to boot it up and start printing and I downloaded Cura and once I made the printer profile I tried to connect like the manual told me to and then it said that I had the wrong printer selected but the printer type was the right type so I checked and the nozzle type didn’t show. It only shows nickle plated copper but according the paper my 3d printer came with it says it has a nickle plated brass nozzle. I can’t find any help for this so can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong. (Cura version is 3.6.25 if that helps)

Update your firmware. The check will receive incorrect values if the firmware is not

It sounds like you may have selected the wrong nozzle type in your printer profile in Cura. The Mini 2 printer you have uses a nickel-plated brass nozzle, but it seems that the only option available in Cura is nickel-plated copper.

You can try checking the Cura documentation to see if there is a specific profile for your printer model. If not, you can try creating a custom profile by inputting the correct nozzle type and other printer specifications manually. It may also be worth checking for any firmware updates or suggestion here for your printer that could resolve the issue.