Mini not connecting to Cura 2 Lulzbot Edition

Lately I’m having quite a bit of issues with my Mini. Heat creep issues and the hobbed bolt eating into my filament. Heat creep seems to be solved now with a bigger fan.
But now I’m also having issues with Cura 21.04 that stops randomly during a print. I’ve read other threads where people are having the same issue. As far as I can tell mostly with Mac users like me. In the past, the GUI did hang once in a while, but the printer kept going and delivered a good print. Now the printer just randomly stops, due to Cura 21.04 crashing completely. Had this with woodfill lately. Nozzle kept oozing out the filament and by the time I discoverd that, there was a huge blob stuck to the nozzle.

So I decided to try the latest alpha version of Cura 2 Lulzbot Edition. And I must say, it already looks impressive! But… how do I get my Mini connected. Whatever I try, Cura keeps saying 'Not connected to a printer". Is tethering already implemented?
Help would be appreciated as I am getting a bit frustrated lately. I was so happy with my mini (which I have for over a year now), but with all these issues I don’t trust my Mini to print overnight or when I am away.

Any other suggestion is fine too. I can generate G-code, so if there’s some other software like pronterface (printrun) that I can use, please let me know.

Managed to get it up and running with OctoPrint. Both via the webinterface and Cura 2 Lulzbot Edition! I’m impressed!

May I ask what did you do that made it working with Cura?
I am facing a similar issue, after a windows upgrade Cura not connecting to Mini anymore, I’ve tried different versions of Cura but I can’t get it to work. Your help would be appreciated

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the problem is most likely baud rate. Try 115200 or 250000.