Upgraded to Cura 3.6.25 w? Mini 2 SE 0.5mm and Cura says printer is incorrect

I have had the Lulzbot edition of Cura suddenly stop working on 2 different computers. One day it worked just fine, and the very next day the splash screen would load but after about 5-6 seconds it would just disappear. I have several computers in my home office so the first time it happened it was just easier to install on the next computer and keep going.

After this instance, I decided to upgrade to the latest version (3.6.25). I un-installed the previous version, cleared the cache files as recommended on the Lulzbot site, and installed the new version. I added the printer to Cura and went to test the connection and I get the error “Wrong printer detected” along with warnings about damage and being able to turn off this check in the settings.

The printer is on firmware version I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has and will also be happy to provide any additional information requested that’s needed (I am just not sure what else would be helpful at the moment).

Thanks very much,

Firmware is going to be different than the firmware on 3.6.25, which is
This would explain the wrong printer issue message.

I suggest going through and uninstalling Cura, clearing your computers cache using the guide below, and reinstalled Cura.

Once opened, set up your Mini 2 with the SE tool head and upgrade the firmware by navigating to settings>printers>manage printers and clicking upgrade firmware and see if the issue goes away.

Expand the node that says “Upgrading? Clean Your Cache!”

Thank you very much, that did it.

Awesome! Glad to help.