Imperfect Line Quality PLA


I am having trouble getting our Village Plastics PLA to come out in a uniform line on my TAZ 6. It’s sort of not sticking to the plate but is mostly just coming out in fits instead of in a solid nice line. I have tried three spools, one of which was unopened, and have printed at a variety of temperatures from 190-220 with no change. This tool head was just sent back to me from Lulzbot after a bad clog so it should be fine, this is the first day I am trying to use it since I got it back. I also cleaned the leveling disks and print bed with a little IPA. I also lowered the Z axis from 1.000 to -1.010 and that didn’t help either.

Photo of print quality is attached.


Your tool head seems too far from the bed, try to decrease the Z offset
Also, check if your bed is clean (you can clean it with isopropyl alcohol
Your bed should be heated at 60°C