Import print profile from Gcode not available in Cura 3.2

I’m hoping you can help me out I am struggling on upgrading from Lulzbot Cura 21.02 to version 3.2 of Cura.

With Version 21.02 and other older versions, I could import the printer setup from the Gcode. I cannot seem to figure this out on the newer versions.

In version 3.2 under Preferences / configure Cura, I selected Profiles and hit the Import button. And selected the Gcode file I wanted to import the setting from. It then informs me the gcode “does not contain any valid profile.”

So I opened version 21.02 and loaded the gcode file the saved the configuration as a Profile.

Trying the Import again in 3.2 it gives the error “Reported version 1 but expected version 2”

So then I bring up Cura 2.6 and try the import again. Thinking that if I can get it to import into version 2 that I can save that profile and import it into version 3.
With version 2.6 it reports that it imported the profile correctly, but I don’t see any changes on anything. The print temps are still displaying at 200C and not 270C as set in the initial Gcode, even though it reported importing correctly.

What am I missing? How has everyone else handled this?