Increasing Build Height for TAZ6

I need help. I’ve doubled my build height of the printer, and went to machine settings and changed the build volume, but my Taz6 is still only printing to the height of the original settings. I’m not really sure of what to do. Any help would be great. I can turn the printer on and adjust the Z-axis to go higher than it will actually print. That is the strange part. I have not tried to auto-home and then adjust the Z past the original settings, I will try this. I was thinking that Cura may be the limiting factor, or the start G-code that sets the limits for the height, but I don’t see in the start G-code in Cura that sets limits. HELP PLEASE.

You will need to change the max z distance limit in the firmware.

I think it is Z_MAX_POS you would want to change.

Can I put that command in the “CONSOLE”/Printer Control? I tried to do so, but it kept saying, “echo Unknown command”. I’m assuming that it is not recognizing that command.
I found a printer profile for my printer, do I just change the #define Z_MAX_POS to whatever I want, and then save that to the desk top, then use it as my custom firmware? I’m trying really hard to understand all this stuff, so any information would be helpful. Thanks so much.

The firmware is the code in the printer controller board that converts GCode into the signals that drive the stepper motors, nozzle and bed heaters, etc. For the TAZ 6 (and the other LulzBot printers) this firmware is a version of Marlin, an open source project.

The printer controller board is a RAMBo (RepRap Arduino-compatible Mother Board). The instructions on how to modify and build new firmware.

If your not completely overwhelmed at this point, the firmware you want to start with can be found at You are probably going to have to learn how to use Git.

Now the “easy” part :wink:, you probably need to make a one line change to the source code and then compile and upload the firmware to your printer.

You don’t know how much I appreciate this information. Thank you so much.