Finish z-axis setting

New user…Cura 19.08…at the end of the build, my Taz 5 will raise the print head all the way to the highest z axis limit (which only stops because it hits the framework of the unit). This just started occurring so I must have changed a setting? Previously it was raising the print head about 10cm and moving to the home x-axis and rear y-axis (rear left corner of the build plate).

Any ideas on the re-setting this so my print head doesnt try to over extend the z-axis height? :angry:

Check the end g-code script. What my mini has always done is to home Z (all the way up), move the print bed back and the X to the far right. When it cools past 45C, it moves the X to the right, and the bed forward all the way.

If your Z is hitting the frame, I would suspect the Z limit switch isn’t working.