Taz 6 Z axis thinks it's half the height?

Hi folks,

I’ve got a weird problem with my Taz 6. The Z axis keeps defaulting it’s max height, to approximately half of what it should be. This is causing all of my prints to be squished into half of their designed height. I was advised to move the Z axis all the way up and then all the way down, followed by a factory reset. This appears to solve the problem, because I can then get the z axis to travel all the way up to it’s true height limit. However, when I send a print from Cura, the damn thing seems to forget the factory reset and compresses the print. please see the attached image of the print in it’s squished form next to the actual version of the print. In the background of the image, you’ll see the tool head at the height that it seems to think it’s maximum height is… (hopefully that makes sense). :cry: