Taz 5 printer is hanging mid print.

This is the first problem that i have had with the printer so far, I have printed several 5-6 hour prints without any issue. I am using Cura - 18.03 and have Firmware; 2015Q3

I have tried printing this part twice now, I am printing off the SD card using the controller menu. The first time it stopped about 3 hours into the print and this time it stopped about 2.5 hours in. The menu on the controller is still usable and I tried to pause and restart print without any luck. I double checked and none of the cura plugins were active and I was using the ABS Fine print profile off the Lulzbot site.

I was wondering if anyone has seen this issue or has found a remedy for this problem.


Are there any m0 or m1 commands in you gcode file?

No there are no M0 or M1 codes in the Gcode file, I did just realize that the File is 20 MB as i was trying to upload it.

I have included a link to the file if someone wants to look at it;

Did you do a model check on it to make sure there are no issues with it that would cause the slicing program to generate gcode instructions that will make the printer stop when it tries to execute them.

Considering that it is a 3 month old Taz 5 using the Cura lulzbot addition along with the High quality print profile off the lulzbot site I figure it wouldn’t be an issue. Also the print failed at 2 different spots on my last two tries so i’m not sure if its a code issue. I am trying the print right now with a different SD card that is a fresh format, I figured it is worth a shot.

I am having the same issue.

Some parts print from the SD card - no problem - but every other part or so seem to cause the printer to stop working and move the bed to the Y limit.

Screens says it’s printing, and all the temps are stable/online.

No really common things to point to why it does it.

However, if I take the exact same gcode/stl and run it though the PC to print, works everytime.

I have made gcode with Cura (latest) and S3D (latest) and both times failed, re-print with the actual program sending the gcode - no issues.

I have formatted my SD card - waiting till friday to get a new one to try that.

I thought it may be caused by having spaces in the folder names on the SD card. I made one called “To Print” - gcode failed.
changed the folder to “To_Print” - gcode worked - but when I tried to make another print, using the same gcode, it failed!

I had a similar problem recently, and my case turned out to be a corrupted SD card. It showed the same symptom of the print stopping with the heaters on, and still displaying “Printing…”.

Try just reformatting the SD and rewriting your files. Or try a new SD.

as expected - it was the SD card. The new one came in and I did several multi hour prints off it, with no stopping.

What was weird, is that I formatted the original card several times, to no avail. The card checks out with the testing I’ve done (error checks for the media), it just seemed to fail when printing through the Taz.

I did note that the print would fail in the same place, but if I placed another gcode file on, it would fail in a different place, which would make sense if something was wrong with a particular sector of the media.