Info on the TAZ6 SD card supplied test prints


Does anyone know what the actual dimensions are for the test prints on the SD card

The folder is Make_2015_tests and I printed the dimensional_accuracy_test.stl model. It is a stepped cylinder with an x and y on the bottom face. It looks like a pretty good print. My x value is 25.18mm and the y value is 24.98mm for the bottom step. I am guessing that the target was 25mm.

Is there a way in Cura to get dimensions from an imported file?

I know you can load a .stl file into a modeler ( I am using fusion 360), but they get sort of odd sometimes and I was looking for the source for this model, or at least the dimensions. There are other files on the card I was going to try, but without the reference dims, they won’t be of much help.

Also, what do I do with this info? Change configuration settings? Change belt tension?

How accurate can I get? 0.02mm seems pretty good. Not sure about the 0.12mm.

This is my first go a 3Dprinting. I have a TAZ6 using polylite red PLA.