TAZ 6 print size

I haven’t as yet purchased a printer but I’m considering the TAZ 6. I have a model that I think should fit the print limits for this machine but appears not to using CURA. I’m knew at this so maybe I’m missing something. I have the STL file attached. The dimension are - W - 10.750, H - 5.1and L - 4.26.

Thanks for any help with this!!
Console Rear Part.stl (5.55 KB)

The usable print dimensions I believe are 280mm x 280mm for length and width and 250mm for height so that would be 11.02" x 11.02" and 9.8" tall. That should be right on the website for the specs of the printer.

You can change the orientation a part is being printed to make it fit the bed…like take that part and angle it 45 degrees so it’s diagonal on the bed.

Most things in 3d printing are in metric so get used to using a conversion calculator.

One other item to be sure of is to either disable skirt, or bring it very close to your object. The skirt prints the line around the outside of your object at first, but it does take up part of the build volume. When going to the extremes, you will want to turn this off under build plate adhesion.