Prints out of scale


I’m going around and around with customer support on this and their suggestions don’t make sense to me.

I’m 2 weeks into 3D printing. Bought a TAZ6. Everything I print so far is squished on the Z-Axis. I have tried the following filaments:

Taulman 645 Nylon
Verbatim PLA
the sample of filament that came with the TAZ6.

Ok, so I got kinda fed up and decided to just go simple and print a 20mm calibration cube. Dimensions measure out 20.27 X, 20.32 Y, and 19.32 Z in the Verbatim using the standard quick print profile.

The Taulman 645 measures 20.28 X, 20.33 Y, and 19.20 Z

Results are very repeatable.

Customer support is currently recommending that I scale the Z axis in Cura. Yes, this will work, but it seems asinine to me that I have to manually tweak each and every print if the Z axis repeatably prints flat.

I’m grateful for any help provided. I really can’t get on with printing until I get to the bottom of this.



Check out this article:
Instead of doing updates on the firmware as it’s noted in the guide, simply adjust the values through printers menu: Config-> Adv Settings-> scroll to the very bottom and there should be input value for each axis step per mm. Keep in mind that his is not the best approach to solve this as you override factory settings of stepper motors. However, this is the easiest step to calibrate the dimensional accuracy.

Usually out of all axis Z (your height) prints out very precise… So for your 20mm print cube, you should’ve had 20mm at z and slight offset(±.2mm) on X Y.

Kindly take a picture of you device (main point of interest is Z axis assembly for each side) take as many picture possible starting from bottom motor going up to cylindrical coupler that connects motor with threaded rods (drive rods). I suspect there is some misalignment there… Once Z is fixed the rest of axis could be adjusted by tensioning the belts on either axis.