initial layer offset

Where is the initial layer offset setting in the latest version of lulzbot cura (2.6.66)? Seems everything has been moved around, I can’t find it anywhere, and the internet can’t keep up with the pace of changes lately. Mind you, I’m not talking about “initial layer height”, this implies that the flow rate will be adjusted relative to the height that’s input here. I’m trying to apply a Z offset without changing the flow rate, because my initial layers are excessively squashed.

That feature was removed by upstream Ultimaker in the initial build of Cura 2. When we merged upstream, a few of our custom tweaks in Cura Legacy are lost. We had gotten some work done on it, but wasn’t quite ready for a 2.6 release. We are currently looking at getting this added in later on in a 3.2.xx release, once we get the upstream version more stable. You can follow long with progress on it here:

For now, you can adjust your Z offset using the console while connected to the printer.

M851 -> This will report the Current Z offset
M851 Z-X.XX -> This will update the offset
M500 -> This will save the offset to your eeprom.

We hope this helps!

I see. Yup, thanks for the info. Curious though, why did Ultimaker remove this useful feature?

I asked the same question and someone here told me they are pushing for adjusting the amount of squish on the first layer by specifying first layer flow rate, rather than the z-offset. So if your first layer is excessively squashed, you would reduce the first layer flow rate number a bit. (They may have a different name for this variable than “first layer flow rate”, but that’s the concept anyway.)

I guess I can understand this: You set your z-offset number once, so that height above the bed is correct, then adjust your first layer flow rate to get the adhesion and “squish” you need for each filament.