Mini: Extruder too close to glass

I’m using Cura 2.6.69 and a Mini and PLA filament.

By default, the first layers of my prints are quite messy and I’m getting distinct elephant foot.

The very first layer prints so thin it is almost not visible. A print that should be 1mm thick is only ~ .5 mm thick when finished.

From reading other posts, I have adjusted the default Initial Layer Height to .28 (I also tried .14) and lowered the flow rate to 95%. Doing this helps the overall quality because there is less plastic piling up, but my 1mm plate it is still ~.5 mm thick.

Cura does not have a z-offset setting that I can find. Instead, I’ve used gcode to adjust the Z access.

After this existing line in the start Gcode:
G1 X5 Y15 Z10 F5000 ; move up off last probe point
I added:
G92 Z9.8 ; adjust z offset by .2 mm

This helps a great deal, but adding the code to my start gcode for the printer seems to have a cumulative effect on subsequent prints. For example, the wipe for the next print runs 10mm above the wipe pad. For consistent results, I have to power cycle my printer after each print.

Is it recommended to use gcode to solve the problem I am having with the z-offset, or is there a better way?

If gcode is the recommended way, is there a recommended sample?

– dave

You can adjust your Printers Z offset through Cura. Go ahead and connect to your printer, and bring up the control box. along the bottom of the new window you will notice a text entry box. Within the box you are going to need to enter some manual commands to update the offset. Make small adjustments when changing, as large ones can cause your print head to dig into the bed or print in mid air.

M851 -> Reports current Z offset in mm

M851 ZXXX -> Changes offset to XXX in mm

M500 -> Saves settings

Here is an example: If your M851 is -1.35 and you want to move the nozzle away from the bed, Then make the number closer to 0. Make a M851 Z-1.25 enter This will move the the nozzle .1 farther from the bed. Then do M500 enter to store the change, or it will go back to the previous setting.

When first testing this new offset, keep a careful eye on that first layer. If it appears the nozzle is being dug into the bed, turn off the printer and adjust the offset until it no longer does that.

Also be sure to delete the line in your g-code as having both could cause weird issues.

works great. thanks.