Inova 1800 print time

Hi Everyone,

I noticed that when switching to Inova 1800 from PLA, the print time drastically increases. For example, on a reasonably sized print like the Mod Spool Tower, with PLA, the estimated print time in CURA is 5.5 hrs but when I switch to Inova-1800, it DOUBLES the estimated print time to 11 hrs! I am using the filament profiles from the Lulzbot website. I have a TAZ 5 w/ the 0.35mm tool head.

Is this right or is there an error in the print settings? I was excited about Inova 1800 but if this is what it does to print times, I might want to temper my excitement.

Any input on getting reasonable print times with Inova 1800?

Here is a comparison of the differences between the standard Inova and PLA profiles in Cura. The speeds are very different. You could start playing with them to see how much time you can cut out and still achieve a good quality print.

This spool holder will take less time to print and works well.