Workhorse problems with inova-1800

I just purchased a (used) workhorse. I’m having several difficulties.

First, inova-1800 just doesn’t want to stick to the bed. I’ve read elsewhere on this forum that inova-1800 sticks to anything. I’ve tried with glass up and with and without glue. On the off change that the problem was the filament, I loaded the same filament on my Mini II and it stuck just fine. I took the filament that had been working on the mini II and put it on the workhorse - a small one layer test print stopped sticking to the bed about half way through.

On a rare occasion where the print stayed stuck to the bed, it came out crappy at best:

Part of the problem is that the Inova-1800 profile on the workhouse says “not supported” and won’t work. I modified the PETG (IC3D) profile to match that unsupported inova-1800 profile just to get a profile to work with.

I’m not sure if it is an issue or not but this workhorse has a IT Works 0.4mm tool head on it. I am willing to try the 0.5mm SE tool head from my Mini II if it is compatible. Otherwise, I would gladly trade it for a standard tool head for this machine.

I’ve managed to get some improvement but it is far from usable. the filament just doesn’t seem to stick. This was supposed to be only one layer but turned out to be two.

I am investigating why some filament quality profiles are not behaving as intended on the workhorse with SE tool head. For INOVA-1800 we do have quality profiles, but they are not being loaded correctly which is why you are seeing the not supported flag. I will update here with corrected files when I solve the issue.

I have finally gotten INOVA-1800 to print properly on my workhorse. I went to the Amphora website and found “guide to printing with Amphora AM1800”.

One of the interesting things that I found was the print temperature. The label on the spool of INOVA-1800 list a print temperature range of 230 - 240 degrees C. the Amphora guide give a temperature range of 240 - 260 degrees C. I’m running at 250 degrees C.

I keep the ceiling fan and A/C off in the room with the printer when printing. I also built a crude enclosure for my workhorse A better enclosure is in the works. I warm the bed (and the air in the enclosure for 10 to 15 minutes before printing. All of the above plus a lot of experimentation finally got a profile that works.

Happy printing

My workhorse has been working great for a while now. I’ve done many successful prints on it. while doing a filament change, the filament jammed and I took the tool head off to clear it. I put the tool head back on and now get mintemp E1 error. I assume that it had something to do with the tool head. Can anyone help?