Updated electrical box for Taz 5

Hey guys!

I ordered a Taz 6 electrical box from It-works ( https://itworks3d.com/?v=7516fd43adaa ) And although I did have to extend a few wires and buy a few new bolts, I think it makes the print look much more elegant. I also installed a Raspberry Pi on the inside (the box suits come with pre drilled holes to mount a Pi but if you put it inside, it won’t fit right without right angled USB adapters). I also laser etched the cover panel, printed and installed the lcd bezel, interconnect housing and cover.Lastly I used a Cameo Silhouette to make custom stickers to put a rocktopus and the text on the front of the box (it was too big to fit in my laser machine). I plan to do a few more things to it but I wanted to share what I had so far.

To this point, the project took about 12 hours.

Can you take some pictures of the inside, i would like to see how its organized inside.


Looks neat! Good job!

Not sure how much it helps but here is a quick photo of the inside. I mostly followed the OHAI for the Taz 6 Control box(https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz6-control-box-assembly/taz-6/). The biggest difference is I added connections to the 115 v so I could add a 115 v to USB adapter and any other higher voltage extensions (Like an LEDs). As for the cables to the printer I just removed them from the printer itself and ran them through the box. I had to extended the CB Extruder 1 Harness,CB Extruder 2 Harness, CB XZ Harness and the CB Heat Bed Harness. Now, I didn’t extend every wire, just the ones that were short. I the mounted the old female connectors to the top of the power supply with zip tie mounts. So between the mounts and the interconnect housing, it keeps all the wires secure.

Anyway, I hope this helps!

Looking at the discoloration on your purple bed wires, I would recommend taking the round connector pins out for those two wires, and just running them straight from the RAMBo to the connector at the bed. They use the higher current flat pins now as the round ones heat up from the current going through them and start burning up like yours are. Or changing those two for the flat higher power ones if possible.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll see if I can get the flat pins. I would hard wire it but I want it to removable in case I do ever have to take the case off.