Installing Dual Extruder V3 on TAZ 6...

I am about to embark on installing the new Dual Extruder V3 on my TAZ 6.

Currently, I have two extruders, one set up for 0.5mm nozzle, and one for 0.8mm nozzle. The installation procedure for the new dual extruder requires flashing the firmware, modifying the zeroing button, and, of course, adding the wiring harness for the second extruder.

Here is the question…

If I need to swap back to my, for example, 0.8mm extruder, will I be able to?? Will the new firmware remain compatible?? What about the zeroing button??

Or, am I locked into the dual extruder only??


You will need to reflash your firmware each time you swap out your toolhead but the homing button can get left in place. If the toolhead you are using doesn’t need the homing button then when you flash the firmware for the correct toolhead the printer will be setup so that it won’t interact with the homing button.

You can’t leave the button extension in place.

The Z level used for wiping and auto leveling is based on the button touch. With the extension in place, the wipe will occur in the air, and the bed leveling will time out from the extra height. I know this from personal experience.