Wiring conflict?

I am a TAZ 4 owner that has upgraded over time to a TAZ 5 config. A while back, I bought the hexagon SE and followed these wiring instructions for the blower motor to the RAMBO board. Now I’ve purchased a dual extruder toolhead v3 following these instructions, which reference these instructions to wire the blower motor to the second extruder port… but the pins in the dual extruder setup overlap the pins required for the Hexagon hotend. What gives? Are we out of IO? Can I jumper to support both configs simultaneously (since in either case, it would be an open circuit on the toolhead on the pair not used)? What’s the intended approach here?

EDIT: I should clarify, I failed to notice that the new harness for the second extruder failed to power my blower motor, and I now have a PLA jam… any hints for removing it? I’ve tried stopping the blower fan (now that it’s powered) and heating to 230C… but I can’t push or pull the filament after 20 minutes (I’ve managed to snap it above the toolhead from the force I’ve tried applying to get it out). Any other techniques? I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with the dreaded heat creep…

Different firmwares enable different pins in pinout.h. All Taz’s from 1 to 6 essentially use the same Rambo board with minor changes, but which pins were used for which purpose on which firmwares changed over time. You should follow the Taz 5 instructions.

Got it… and also managed to clear the PLA jam after some disassembly

Did you figure out if the wires were supposed to be installed somewhere else or spliced together? I ran into the same issue.

I did see on matterhackers website that the connectors are installed elsewhere for the E3d Hotend i believe due to Voltage amount needed for the cooling fan that comes with the hot end

I just used the Taz 5 layout, which disabled the wiring for my older hexagon print head. To be safe, I left the fan wires dangling in the controller box in case I switched back (which I in fact did after a while). I’m 99% certain you could get away with jumpering both wires in to the same connector, as the older fan wires are open circuits (no load) in the newer print heads.

I saw in another post one of the set of wires is supoosed to be connected to the AUX port on the Right Bottom Corner of the Rambo Board. I started this process myself but dont have the printhead ao i havent check to see if new firmware will activate 5v power to that AUX port.

I decided to run the power from the AUX section on the board over to a toggle switch mounted on my enclosure. Ill admit it caused problems several times when id forget to turn it on but now im used to it and print all the time. Additionally i took advantage and wired in an LED light to the same power source to be able to see the detail of my print even while printing