Suggestions for Lulzbot Mini Lighting Solutions

My Mini is in a very poorly lit bedroom right now and I want something to light it, specifically LED strips or something like that. What do you guys use?

Some good examples here:

I think there are several other threads, try searching for “LED Lights” or just “Lights”.

I designed a small enclosure that fits inside of the electronics enclosure on the mini. I pulled 12v off of the existing power supply and fed it through a Sparkfun Femtobuck and then connected it to two 3w LED’s which were mounted using the following Onshape Part. The lights come on whenever the machine is turned on and they’re super bright.

I also pulled the guts out of a phone charger and tied it into the wall power to provide a clean 5v output for an Octoprint rig.

Easiest solution I’ve found. It’s 24v and you can wire it right into the power supply in the mini. I just stuck it on the inside lip of the frame along the front and back, plenty of light.

Hey drandolph,

You are the first I’ve seen post pictures of the PrintedSolid enclosure (your design, I believe!). I am also curious exactly how deep the front/back sections are – could I impose upon you to measure how far they extend forward/aft of the printer frame?

Yep, it’s my design. Lulzbot has been very supportive and has had a lot of great input bringing it to market. The back is 3.125" from the frame of the machine and the front is 4" from the frame. So it shouldn’t take up any more space on a table than the clearance you most likely already have front and back. Disclaimer: The MST3K silhouette is not included. It’s just something I did to my personal one because it’s just funny.

This is the one i use. My own quick-and-dirty design.

The MST3K cut out in the front is brilliant!

@dsplawski @drandolph

Where did you guys tap into the power supply? I like your ideas of tying into there to get power for a Pi and LEDs.

Edit: I figured it out, so simple I feel embarrassed for asking. On the power supply did you tie into output 1 or 2, or does it even matter?